Courtney Klimowicz  DiMare
Ah Loretta. There is so much to say about this photo shoot. The bouquet is made of a dozen red roses. This dress was the first one that I found and tried on. She was at goodwill and I decided that Mavis was more economical for me. Weeks later someone mentioned Saint Augustine to me in a conversation, and this vision came to me. That day I ran back to goodwill and haggled a little and bought miss Loretta. She is an old 1950s dress made by Beverley Hills wedding dress designer William Cahil. She is in great condition with beautiful lasting bead work. The hat was a lucky find in Illinois also from goodwill. And then the shoot. It was my first time in Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the country, founded in 1565 this Spanish city is crawling with history. At first we avoided the tourist areas and explored the old side streets looking for old doorways, arches, and gates. It was so sad to see all that was destroyed by this months hurricane Mathew. Our hunt for the historical did eventually lead us to the tourist streets where I was surprised by how little people were staring at me. There are always people who decide to stop me and tell me their views on marriage. One women came to me while I was sitting on a bench waiting for my camera man to bring us pizza. She asked me if today was my wedding day, I replied "not really" and she promptly relied "stood up at the alter huh?" and she walked away. Usually I feel embarrassed walking around in a wedding dress. But something about yesterday made me feel like I fit in more then the other people around me. My outfit was just that exceptional.