Courtney Klimowicz  DiMare

Mavis was the first vintage dress that I found. She looked so dirty and sad in the store. She was such a great price that I took her home and after a quick wash she was as gorgeous as ever. AND she fit me perfectly. I found it spooky. Here was this handmade wedding gown that seemed to be made by someones grandma, and for some reason it fit me as if it was made for me. All the bouquets that I had at that time didnt seem to fit Mavis. So I made a new one. The Mavis bouquet is an elegant three color bouqet of dove grey, nude grey, and white. Its also the first bouqet that I introduced lillies into along with roses and carnations. Its honestly my favorite bouquet at this moment. The photo shoot was an interesting experiance. There was nothing private about being in a wedding dress on the beach on labor day.